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Finity Press Kit

Welcome to the Finity press page. If you need any additional information posted to this page or would like anything provided in a different format, let us know and we’ll make it available.


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Play as John - an art thief turned time traveler. Your mission?
Travel back in time and steal artifacts lost to history!

Finity is a 3D sidescroller. 

And when we say 3D, we mean a bit more than just the models.
You can shoot in-depth FPS-style and interact with the background to solve puzzles and fight enemies.

Key features:

- A great overarching story as well as individual adventures in each level
You play as John, an art thief, or in his words agent. You're assisted by Bob, your long time friend, cyber nerd and the brains of the operation.
You have been coerced by Baron von Schickel, a mysterious art collector, on a time travelling mission to retrieve artifacts lost in time.

- The combat system
This consists of 2 different modes.

Plane combat: Combat with enemies in the 2D plane (in your path), which can be anything from shooting an enemy with a bow to smashing your enemy with a melee weapon.

In-depth combat: Combat where you aim FPS-style into the background to shoot enemies shooting back at you or running at you with swords drawn.

- 5 long and fun levels constantly bringing fresh challenges and environments. Each level consists of a different historic era, in which you must locate and retrieve a specific artifact:
Try to pull off a museum heist in the Present
Survive the harsh conditions of the Last Ice Age
Free the slaves of Ancient Egypt
Become a gladiator fighting in the colosseum in the Roman Empire
Join the quest of King Arthur to retrieve the holy grail in Albion

- A lair to be used as a staging area, displaying your found artifacts, and always giving you the option to continue to the next level or go back to find previously missed artifacts and unsolved mysteries.

- Online leaderboard for level completion time and number of deaths.

- Great replayability, as there is always more to find, solve and collect to reach new scores.

- Puzzles and challenges with many different solutions.

- Interaction with the environment.

- Hidden interactions, mysteries and dungeons leading you to marvelous treasures.

- Find often concealed or guarded artifacts that grant you special abilities.

- Gather time coins to unlock special talents.

- 3 unique talent trees offering game changing abilities to match your preferred playstyle.
Combat: Bring modern tools and weaponry back to the past.
For the type of person that prefers to shoot first and ask questions later. Timelines and historical accuracy does not concern you. What could possibly go wrong?

Time: You're already time travelling - Why not mess around with time a little more?
Time your attacks and movements to the millisecond, and jump back in time to try again if you mess up.

Social: Who needs weapons or time manipulation when you have friends... or at least a friend.
Bring a drone with you, remote controlled by your partner Bob, to help you with everything from artifact hunting to artillery support.


Video Trailer:

Finity trailer loading

Company Story

We are a small indie team who founded Denpixel - with a dream of making great games with soul and integrity.

Finity is made by a team of friends with a passion for good games. We grew up playing all kinds of games together and have taken inspiration for the world building, combat system, puzzles and story from many great games of the past and present.

The game is made to be challenging, rewarding and skill based - whether that skill be in figuring out different ways to solve the puzzles, learning how to overcome enemies in creative ways or simply in mastering the combat system.

To add an element of competitiveness in this otherwise single-player game, there is an online leaderboard for each level, so you can compete with your buddies and other players to see who has the fastest time and fewest deaths.

Besides who doesn't like knowing exactly how many times they died?


Denpixel is located in Odense, Denmark, where fairy tales are born.


Press Kit

The press kit includes:

  • 22 Screenshots from the game

  • 14 Zone screenshots

  • Denpixel & Finity logo

  • Finity background

  • Finity capsules

  • Finity icon

  • Finity front cover

  • Finity thumbnail

  • Finity header

  • Finity icon

Press inquiry

For any questions or requests for Denpixel or Finity.

Press requests will be answered as soon as possible.

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