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Asset Packs For Unreal


LOW-POLY - Fantacy Forest

$24.99 USD

Denpixel Studios™ presents our first pack a modular low-poly asset pack to create stunning fantasy games!

The pack includes 11 different biomes to match every need!
This is an extremely versatile and comprehensive asset pack for all fantasy environments.

★ Key Features ★

  • Fantasy-Themed Modular Castle and Environments

  • Modular Castle Platforms & Building Meshes

  • 11 Dynamic Grass Biomes

  • 55 Dynamic Tree Biome Variations

  • Easily Customizable

  • Hand Painted Textures

  • Includes An Amazing Demo Scene

  • Includes An Overview Scene

★ Assets ★

  • 54 Unique Meshes

  • 69 Materials And Material Instances

  • High Resolution Texture 1024x1024 - 2048x2048

  • Low Polycount Assets

  • Smart Adjustable Glow Material

  • Smart Adjustable Water Material

  • Dynamic Butterfly FX

  • Prefabricated Castle And Tower

  • Adjustable Wind attributes included in many materials

  • High Quality Skybox

Denpixel Asset Support

For any questions or requests for Denpixel regarding asset packs

Social Media

  • twitter_looooooogoooo

Asset Support requests will be answered as soon as possible.

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